For 9 years we have been creating beautiful smiles, we approach each patient individually, so that every visit is a pleasure. Dear Patient, we have prepared a wide range of dental services for you. Within the Dentus•Dentino Dental Center, a bond of harmony and trust is created between Dentist and Patient.


Most people have been afraid of the dental office since childhood. With the application of modern technologies and state-of-the-art equipment, in combination with the experience and professionalism of the Dentus•Dentino clinic doctors – the treatment has taken a new form. Now it's comfortable and pain free.


Have you noticed the charming smile of public figures? Do you want a charismatic smile too? The experts of the Dentus•Dentino Dental Center helps you get the most beautiful smile with minimal interventions. A perfect smile is our job.


Each of us, at least once, has thought about possible teeth whitening. The flawless appearance of teeth brings, in addition to psychological comfort, a number of positive aspects related to the health of the teeth. At the Dentus•Dentino Dental Center, free consultation and modern whitening procedures, without risks and ailments.
You benefit a free consultation


The "Prosthetic rehabilitation on implants" procedure represents the most innovative solution to restore the functionality and aesthetics of teeth. The qualified team of Dentus•Dentino Dental Center – changes the rules of the game! Now, with the help of state-of-the-art technologies, you can experience rapid rehabilitation in conditions of maximum safety and without unbearable pain. The care has a name - Dentus•Dentino.


The health and safety of patients is one of the basic principles in the work of doctors. For any type of investigation, state-of-the-art equipment is used with high precision and minimal radiation risks. Thus, dental radiology – a mandatory procedure in establishing the correct treatment, proceeds very quickly and absolutely safely.


We know well that any type of invasion is stressful for patients. Therefore, you have professional doctors with over 15 years of experience who will explain each process in detail. Innovative equipment with microscopic precision will make the therapy process painless and risk-free. Your safety and comfort – our priority.


Dental hygiene at the dental office ensures the health of teeth over time, as well as prevents numerous dental and gum diseases. In this procedure, tartar and bacterial plaque are removed from the surface of teeth and in hard-to-reach areas, the interdental spaces and the subgingival area are deeply cleaned. It is a non-invasive procedure that does not affect dental tissue and does not cause pain. We recommend that you perform both a routine consultation and dental hygiene - once every 6 months.

Gift vouchers

The smile is one of the most important aspects. Teeth deserve attention and care.
Dentus•Dentino offers you various vouchers, which you can give as gifts to your loved ones, on any occasion: birthdays, special events, anniversaries or simply to surprise with a special gift.

Types of vouchers

- Dental Whitening Voucher 5000 lei
- Voucher Professional Hygiene 1000 lei
- Voucher for Complex Hygiene 2000 lei
- Voucher Orthodontic treatment with Brackets or Aligners 1000 lei

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