OLA aligners
Teeth straightening without braces

More than 3000+ patients have chosen OLA aligners for teeth straightening

Worldwide, 14 million people have straightened their teeth with aligners. Statistics show that patients choose a treatment that is as discreet and comfortable as possible. More and more celebrities choose the treatment with aligners, including: Tom Cruise, Justin Bieber, Kate Middleton, Khloe Kardashian, Zac Efron. No wonder, this advanced teeth alignment method offers maximum comfort, pleasure to smile, the opportunity to eat anything and regular oral hygiene (without disrupting the lifestyle).
Invisible devices like OLA are a discovery for most people. Aligners straighten the teeth and correct the bite. Adults like OLA treatment because it is very discreet and does not interfere with daily life.

What is OLA?

The active lifestyle and the changes that occur in the modern world give us the opportunity to achieve maximum comfort in life. 

OLA is the first system in Moldova that straightens teeth without brackets, created by Dr. Sachin Sachdev. Patients enjoy an almost invisible, comfortable treatment with less frequent visits to the orthodontist. OLA is a good alternative to brackets. 

Clear aligners are a comfortable and modern method of straightening teeth. One of the main reasons for its popularity is the superb functionality and almost invisible appearance it offers. Compared with traditional brackets, OLA caps are removable, easier to wear and maintain, without dietary restrictions. Therefore, it is no surprise that an increasing number of people, adults and children, are opting for this innovative treatment.  

How does One-Line aligner OLA work? 

Aligners are made of a special and safe plastic for humans, they offer an almost invisible appearance. They are made to order and are shaped according to the individual shape of the patient’s teeth. Clear aligners apply pressure to your teeth and push them to move in 

stages. One of the best features of these aligners is their removability. You can remove the aligners while eating, drinking tea or coffee. For the aligners to work effectively, the patient must wear them 22 hours a day.

Who are OLA aligners suitable for? 

Anybody. OLA effectively treats a number of dental problems. You are a good candidate for OLA aligners if you have:
– space between the teeth
– crowded teeth
– inclined, twisted teeth
– incorrect bite
We recommend that you make a consultation at the orthodontic office, to evaluate your situation, to get information about how aligners can solve the problem and to receive a suitable treatment plan.

Visit to the orthodontic office 
Before starting any dental treatment, a complete picture of the patient’s situation is necessary. Dentus Dentino has modern and innovative devices that scan the oral cavity down to the smallest details. Therefore, on the day of the visit, you will definitely take a panoramic X-ray, based on which the doctor will be able to understand the seriousness of the situation, will examine the oral cavity to detect possible anomalies, decayed teeth, infections, etc. He will also examine the bite of your teeth, understand the next steps and what type of treatment is needed.
If the orthodontist has determined that you are eligible for treatment with aligners, then the day of the next visit is set.
The second visit includes the 3D digital scan. Intraoral scanning is the process of creating a virtual model of the inside of the mouth through a series of digital images. It is a non-invasive and painless procedure. An intraoral scanner is similar to a small digital camera and works by emitting infrared rays and taking pictures of the inside of your cheeks and mouth. The images are sent to a computer, where they are converted into 3D images. The orthodontist uses advanced software to show you what the final result will look like before treatment begins. Only a 3D image can give you an idea of how the teeth will move during orthodontic treatment.
Next, the obtained images are sent to the laboratory, where the process of creating OLA aligners, individually for the patient, begins.
After they are ready, the orthodontist will inform you about the rules for wearing and caring for the aligners. Voila! You can start wearing aligners as directed by your orthodontist and enjoy an almost invisible treatment.

A series of numbered aligners – a step towards perfectly aligned teeth

Each aligner must be worn for 7-10 days and 22 hours a day to achieve the planned results. After every 1/2 week, depending on the case, a new series of aligners must be worn, according to the numbering, which is different from the previous one. Each aligner gradually moves the teeth into the predicted position.

In the past there were not so many options for straightening teeth. The only choice until 1999 was treatment with metal brackets. Nowadays, we have the freedom to choose depending on our preferences and lifestyle.

6 reasons to choose OLA 

→ Aesthetic aspect. You get a virtually invisible, comfortable and pain-free treatment, thanks to the specially adapted shape of the aligners and the safe material they are made of.
→ A good alternative to brackets. People have always opted for a flawless appearance, wanting to straighten their teeth, but without brackets. Fortunately, modern technology allows us to try other straightening options, much more comfortable and adapted to the lifestyle. OLA is a revolutionary discovery, it has changed thousands of smiles, offering maximum comfort.
→ The aligners are removable. Now imagine for a second how good it is when you can remove your aligners to eat, clean your teeth or during an important event. Brackets represent a fixed orthodontic treatment that cannot be removed, while OLA caps are removable.
→ You can eat anything. Because they are removable, OLA aligners allow you to eat whatever you want. No dietary restrictions.
→ Fewer visits to the orthodontist – ideal solution if you are abroad. If in the case of brackets it is necessary to make monthly visits to the doctor, then with OLA you come once every 3-4 months.
The gentle pressure technique, comfort and invisibility make aligners a convenient option for patients who want a change. Throughout the treatment, you will have less frequent visits to the ortho office, once every 3-4 months, the orthodontist will monitor the progress and make sure that the tooth movements are proceeding according to plan.
See the before/after pictures of our patients!
OLA brings results for both adults and children. Children wear OLA kids aligners.

How long does the treatment with OLA aligners last? 

The duration of treatment with OLA aligners depends on the complexity of the case, the type of malocclusion (incorrect bite). You will get the exact term during a consultation with the orthodontist. At the center we have had patients straighten their teeth in 6 months, 8 months, 1 year+, so there is no exact time frame.

What happens after OLA treatment is completed?  

After the treatment, the orthodontist instructs you to wear a retainer, in order to keep the teeth in a perfectly aligned position. We know that teeth have the ability to return to their original shape, therefore the retainer is necessary to wear. Without it, your teeth can gradually move back to their previous position.

How much does OLA treatment cost?

The cost of aligners depends on your case, the severity of the crowding of the teeth and how long it will take to move them into the correct position. After the orthodontist examines the teeth, the X-ray and the 3D model, he gives you the details of the treatment plan as well as the exact costs.

We like to talk. Men speak an average of 700 words a day, and women 20,000! A smile is the first detail people notice.
Now, I challenge you to try this experiment…
1. Make a “TH” sound. You will notice that the tongue presses against your upper teeth.
2. Now make the “V” sound. Your lower lip just pressed against your upper teeth. The close interaction of the vocal cords, tongue, teeth and lips allows the phonetic sounds to make up our speech. If they are not in harmony, speech impediments can occur. Misaligned teeth cause difficulty in pronunciation, speech, maintaining dental hygiene, cavities, gum disease, the risk of dulling teeth, as well as lowers self-confidence.
If this seems like a long list of issues, don’t be alarmed. The good news is that a single treatment plan can usually solve or prevent all of these problems at once. We recommend that you have a free virtual consultation on Dentus Dentino and find out from the center’s specialists which is the right treatment method.
Take care of your teeth – choose the best for them!
Take care of your teeth, and if there are signs that something is wrong, contact qualified specialists and do not allow the dental problem to evolve. We recommend that you visit the doctor 2 times a year, to make sure that everything is in order, to practice correct and quality dental hygiene!
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