Dentus•Dentino organizes various events that highlight the principles and values of the Dental Center. It's wonderful when we manage to combine the activity with large-scale events, designed to unite doctors and patients, to arouse emotions on people's faces, to make them smile beautifully.

Come with us to the world of Dentus•Dentino – where you will discover more than dentistry!

Launch of Dentus•Dentino magazine

We felt that there should be a closer connection between the clinic and the patients”, says Sachin Sachdev – the founder of the Dentus•Dentino Dental Center, Head of Orthodontics, with over 15 years of experience and the author of the first teeth straightening system without brackets – One-Line Aligners, named OLA. The magazine reveals the patients’ stories, the beautiful experience they went through and the results they achieved in the clinic. Find out everything that happens in everyday life, in every dental office and what are the best practices for healthy and beautiful teeth. Thanks to innovation, technology and patient trust – we evolve, develop and become better.

Second Edition
(December 2022)

First Edition
(June 2021)


Open Day – event dedicated to primary patients, who want to get treatment from expert doctors, either to restore missing teeth with dental implants, or to straighten teeth and correct the bite. It is a unique and special opportunity to consult with the specialist doctor regarding the situation of your teeth, to take a free x-ray and receive the individual treatment plan.

Implant Open Day

Brackets Open Day

Run for Children 2022

One of our principles is social responsibility. We support the community and get involved every time. The Run for Children 2022 marathon was a good opportunity to contribute to a noble cause. We are sure, the more people get involved and do good, the stronger the community becomes. Team spirit is associated with a sense of pride and loyalty among Dentus•Dentino team members. We care about the needs of others and know that change starts with us!