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Complete guide to dental implant care
7 tips for a lifetime implant

Currently, more than 20 million people have dental implants.

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Recovery after dental implant surgery
Oral hygiene, care and nutrition rules

If you're preparing for dental implant surgery, you'll be surprised to learn that recovery is easier than you think.

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Dental implant or bridge
What is better?

8 out of 10 Moldovans have lost at least 1 tooth Only 39% of them brush their teeth twice a day

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What should not be in toothpaste?
How to choose a toothbrush?
Secrets of good oral hygiene

There are 20 billion bacteria in the mouth and they reproduce every five hours. If you go 24 hours without brushing, those 20 billion...

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OLA aligners
Teeth straightening without braces

More than 3000+ patients have chosen OLA aligners for teeth straightening

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Hollywood Smile with dental Veneers
All about Veneers 2023

Originally created for an actor in 1928, dental veneers are now a perfect aesthetic solution.

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Every problem has 3 solutions
This article will change your life 360 degrees

Dental implants and spaceships have something in common – both are made...

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6 signs you need braces Which brackets suit your lifestyle: metal or sapphire?

Life is too beautiful to spend a little smiling. It's time to enjoy the beautiful moments, smile often, take as many...

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The 22-hour rule Straighten teeth without braces

Do you dream of a beautiful smile and straight teeth, but don't want to wear braces? When we think of orthodontic treatment...

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